Minecraft pixel art generator

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Minecraft pixel art generator

Here is a small web application that will allow you to transform the image or photo of your choice into Minecraft blocks. So you can create in your Minecraft game a wall representing a photo of a loved one, a logo, a drawing or anything you can imagine.

  • 06/02/22 - New 17 blocks added: Shulker box (top and side views).
  • 06/01/22 - New blocks added: Honeycomb Block, Honey block, Cracked nether bricks, Chiseled nether bricks, Purpur pillar (top view), Furnace (side view).
  • 05/31/22 - New blocks added: Crimson stem, Warped stem, Stripped oak log, Stripped spruce log, Stripped birch log, Stripped jungle log, Stripped acacia log, Stripped dark oak log, Stripped crimson stem, Stripped warped stem, Crimson planks, Warped planks, Dried kelp block, Moss block, Red mushroom block, Brown mushroom block, Mushroom stem, Shroomlight, Nether wart block, Warped wart block.
  • 05/30/22 - New blocks added: Deepslate coal ore, Deepslate copper ore, Deepslate iron ore, Deepslate gold ore, Deepslate redstone ore, Deepslate lapis lazuli ore, Deepslate diamond ore, Deepslate emerald ore, Nether Gold Ore, Ancient debris, Block of Copper, Cut Copper, Block of Netherite, Block of Amethyst, Smooth Quartz Block, Quartz Bricks, Block of Raw Copper, Block of Raw Iron, Block of Raw Gold.
  • 05/28/22 - Updated block textures for version 1.18.2.
  • 05/27/22 - New blocks added: Podzol (top view), Dirth path (top view), Crimson nylium (top view), Warped nylium (top view), Soul soil, Powder snow, Packed Ice, Blue ice, Smooth stone, Basalt, Polished basalt, Smooth basalt, Blackstone, Polished blackstone, Chiseled polished blackstone, Polished blackstone bricks, Cracked polished blackstone bricks, Gilded blackstone, Calcite, Sandstone (top view), Cut sandstone (side view), Red sandstone (top view), Crying obsidian, Dripstone block, Copper ore.
  • 05/20/22 - New blocks added: Tuff and Cobbled deepslate.
  • 12/28/20 - At the end of each line of the generated pixel art, the symbol "?" tells you the number of blocks needed for the line in question (based on Justin's idea).
  • 11/25/20 - You've been waiting for them for a long time: all the missing blocks have been added (those from version 1.16.4). So we now have 237 blocks in total.
  • And don't forget that you can click, in the pixel art generated in the page, on each block placed to mark it with a cross.

The creation of your Minecraft pixel art image takes place in 4 steps:

  1. Submit a photo that is not too large (Minecraft is limited to 256 blocks in height, 192 from sea level) and indicate the desired dimensions in the end. If your pixel art is meant to be lying horizontally on the ground, theoretically there is no size limit, but think that a 192x192 pixel image will get you to pose almost 37,000 blocks! It is therefore wiser to aim small ... Considering the limited number of colors of the blocks, the rendering is not always very satisfactory. Some photos look better than others, but in general, designs look better than photos.
    Tip: Frame your subject as tight as possible.
  2. Select the orientation you are interested in (horizontal or vertical) then the Minecraft blocks that you think you can have (because some are difficult to find, even impossible to pose yourself in normal mode - if you are in creative mode, the question does not The most common blocks are preselected.
  3. Validate, and the script will offer you a version of your image made up of Minecraft blocks.
  4. All you have to do is patiently place the blocks one by one without making a mistake, using the image that will result from your choices.
  5. To facilitate your task, the names of the blocks are displayed on hover; in addition, you can check off the blocks already placed by clicking on them.

Do not hesitate to ask questions or to leave a comment or even suggestions by contacting me.

1. Post a picture

  • The image must be in jpg, gif or png format.
  • If possible, resize your image to the same dimensions as the number of blocks you want to place in height and / or width, this with software such as Photoshop or Paint. There are even websites that do this for free online. Otherwise, your image will be resized by a script, with a greater loss of quality than if you had done it using specialized software.
  • Image size is limited to 3MB.

WARNING: the scripts used causing overloading of the server, the images produced are limited to 100x100 pixels (which gives you a maximum of 10,000 blocks to place).

Tip: if you want to make a larger image, you can cut your original into several squares of 100x100 pixels, which you will post one by one directly on the site.

Indicate the height you want to obtain in the end:
Height (in number of blocks): (100 maximum)
Your image (jpg, gif or png):